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Amy Bradley's family refuses to give up hope in the wake of disappearance. From the Hopewell News, Hopewell, VA.

June 16, 1998.

by Cliff David/News Staff Writer

     Amy Bradley of Chesterfield has been missing for nearly three months, but her parents Iva and Ron Bradley firmly believe she will be found.
     The 23-year-old disappeared from a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship on March 24 between the islands of Aruba and Curacao. With her family close by, and a good job waiting for her at home, the only explanation the Bradleys believe possible is that she was kidnapped.
     A letter to the President was not answered, they said. Governor Gilmore said it was beyond his jurisdiction. Other representatives responded to their plea for help with impotent sympathy, they said---with the exception of Congressman Norman Sisisky, who they said, has continued to faithfully follow up on the case with the State Department.
     Time drags on, with no fresh leads, but they cling to hope.
     "Every minute to us is an eternity," said Iva Bradley. But she will not give up, determined that no news is good news.
     Although they are disgusted with the cruise line's alleged lack of concern and failure to conduct a thorough search of the ship, they have not pressed a lawsuit---yet---Mrs. Bradley said. That would divert precious energy from the search for Amy.
     "We're exploring all our options. But our focus is on finding Amy. All else is second," Mrs. Bradley said.
     The Bradleys say that because the incident happened in international waters, the government has left them on their own.
     "We've been really disappointed with their response. If you're a U.S. citizen and something happens to you outside the country --- good luck,"
Mrs. Bradley said.
     But they are grateful for the local community's response and support. In Prince George Country, friends Ronnie Kelly, Bobby and Vicki Melvin, George Emerson and Bill Talley, recently set up a golf tournament and raised more than $15,000 for the Amy Bradley Fund.
     On July 12, Monumental Baptist Church on S. Crater Road has planned a Gospel Storytellers Concert as a "Love Offering" for the fund.
     All the money is going towards continuing the Bradley's private investigation of the case. And they won't strop until they find her, Mrs. Bradley said.
     "We'll keep looking for Amy until we put our hands on her." she said.
     Amy is a white female, 5-foot-6 and 115 pounds, with green eyes and short brown hair, a navel ring and four tattoos. Her family says she is a kind and loving person who has no hesitation about befriending those whom others might pass by or ignore.
     The story has attracted the attention of the television news programs "Dateline" and "20/20"," Mrs. Bradley said.
     To contribute to the Amy Bradley Fund, call +(804) 276-8503 or send a donation to: Find Amy Bradley Fund, c/o The Community Bank, P.O. Box 2166, Petersburg, VA, 23804.


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