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June 11,1998.

Letter to the editor of The Hopewell News from Becky Narron.


     My niece, Amy Bradley, disappeared from the cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas as it was in the process of docking on the island of Curacao on March 24, 1998. For several weeks information appeared in the newspapers and there were reports on television about her disappearance. I know people are still interested and care about Amy and her family, so I wanted to let you know that even though Amy has not been found yet, the investigation by the FBI and the search by her family continue.
     I'd like to share with you a personal side of Amy as told to me by her mother, Iva.
     "Amy has a very tender heart and a very special ability to let people know that they are liked and appreciated. At one of the places where Amy and her friends go, where Amy sings karaoke, there is a couple who is mentally impaired. Amy always asks them to sit at her table. One night when her dad, Ron and I were with her, they walked up and hugged Amy and told us that Amy was their most special friend. They said she took the time to show interest in them and what they were doing and to spend time talking to them when no one else would have bothered.
     On another evening when her dad and I were with she and her boyfriend and her brother Brad and his girlfriend, there was a former Vietnam POW (as he told us later) sitting by himself at a nearby table. He had razor scars from his shoulder to his elbow where someone had disfigured the American Flag tattooed on his arm. Amy asked him if he would like to join our family. He did and seemed to be touched that he was invited to this entirely unknown family's table.
     Amy and her friends were out one night at a dance club and there was a man in a wheelchair sitting along the edge watching everyone dancing. Her friend said "that Amy went up and introduced herself and asked him if he wanted to dance." Nobody had approached him all night. She took him on the dance floor in his wheelchair and took one of his hands and the two of them danced. The friend commented to me that she 'thought that was one of the kindest things she had ever seen anybody do for someone else'."
     Iva said, "That's our Amy. Always considering other people's feelings, especially those with disabilities."
     We continue our search for Amy and pray for her safe return.

Becky Narron
Claremont, VA


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