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Amy Lynn Bradley
Missing since March 24, 1998

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Date of Birth: May 12, 1974
Place of Birth: Petersburg, Virginia
Sex: Female
Hair: Short Brown (at time of disappearance)
Height: 5'7"
Eyes: Green
Weight: 120 pounds
Race: White
Build: Slim athletic

Distinguishing Marks
Amy Bradley has the following tattoos: a Baby Tasmanian Devil (Dizzy) spinning a basketball, on her left shoulder blade; a tribal sun with a Chinese symbol in the middle, in the center of her extreme lower back; a Chinese symbol, on her right ankle; and a green and blue Gecko lizard, around the side of her navel. She also has a navel ring and multiple ear piercings. Amy has a 2 and a half inch scar on her right shin.

Amy Bradley was awarded a full basketball scholarship and graduated from Longwood University in Virginia with a degree in physical education. She enjoys playing basketball and many other sports, karaoke, her red convertible miata, her bulldog Bailey, bass fishing, playing pool and hanging out with friends and family. She had just moved into her new home a month before and she would have begun a second job working part-time with a computer company her aunt and uncle owned. She adopted a female bulldog named Daisey to pick up the Sunday she was returning home. She sent post cards to friends at home from the port of departure in Puerto Rico. She bought gifts to bring back home, took tons of pictures to make a collage on her coffee table. She even scheduled swimming lessons with parents of a six year old boy she met from our area to take place the following week after returning home at the local YMCA. She had all kinds of plans upon her return, with her whole life ahead of her.

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Sketch of Amy - sighting 2005/Caribbean island

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